Quick Tips On Lice & Nit Removal

Effective Lice & Nit Removal

You’ve been advised due to your child’s school or daycare center that she or he has mind lice and you will need to treat them and look for effective Lice & Nit Removal. Not just to do away with the actual mind lice but you might also require to reduce the nits. What specifically are nits anyway? The response to that’s that nits would be the particular packages of eggs the lice have placed on your son or daughter’s hair.

Step One for Lice and Nit Removal

Your first treatment is to purchase some thing to deal with the head lice. You have the choice of either regular substance treatments that truly are no much more damaging or perhaps toxic then regular hair dye or any one of the more recent organic remedies that are also fairly successful.

Things To Considerlice & nit removal
They trust in all-natural substances for example extracts of citronella and mint oil to perform the magic however, many of them do call for that your kid work around with the stuff in his or her hair for quite a while. However, the main benefit of regular chemical-based solutions for lice and nit removal is that they’re a single shot deal.

Now Eliminate the Nits
After you’ve taken care of junior for the actual lice then you might have to go about the business of getting rid of the nits from his or her hair. This, it turns out could be a little more complicated and time-consuming then the actual lice treatment.

Have a Lice and Nit Removal Comb

Step one, is to go to the drug store and pick up a lice and nit removal comb. A standard hair comb, no matter how near the teeth are together, just will not do because a lice and nit removal comb is specially developed specifically for the job.

Spend some time and be Methodical for lice & nit removal
It may take approximately three or four hours in severe case, so sit your child down in a chair and systematically go by means of their, section by section with the comb. Clean the comb in a bowl of water, so you’ll be able to keep track of the quantity of nits which end up floating in it.

Most Effective Lice & Nit Removal

Liceadex One Step Lice & Nit Removal Gel is a special, one of a kind, natural formula that provides a safe effective way to kill lice and their eggs, without traditional and potentially harmful pesticide ingredients like permethrin or pyrethrum found in many over the counter solutions or expensive, multiple-step, essential oil-based solutions. Our formulation, using specialized surfactants and minerals such as bromides, is the fastest-acting and most effective head lice products you will find today without using pesticides.

  • Kills all lice and eggs naturally in minutesLiceadex Lice & Nit Removal Gel
  • Contains no pesticides
  • Allows for easy pain-free, tangle-free nit and debris removal
  • Rinses completely clean without oily residue
  • Can be used multiple times safely
  • Can be used safely after “other”  lice & nit removal treatments have been done.