Morgellons Support

Morgellons Support
Cure Morgellons Head Area

Where can I go to get help?  Many people ask…

You can find help in the Naturopathic/Homeopathic field if you suspect you have Morgellons. Your description is very similar to many.. Are you being bombarded daily in chem trailing?

Sometimes just googling Morgellons for these things will bring up people in your area you can call.

Do ask questions about Morgellons (try and find someone with experience in bacteria/parasitic infections or chronic illness) and make sure they support you with Morgellons.  If they tell you the Morgellons disease doesn’t exist or try and do the psychiatric treatment route then leave (remember it is you who is paying for the visit).

Are you looking for a cure in the head area for Morgellons?  There are several home remedies that people are using for the head, face, ears, nose and eyes.

  1. Scalp –  USe the apple cider vinegar mud packs for the head.  They are made of diatomaceous earth, apple cider vinegar and antimicrobials to fight the fungus and heal lessions.
  2. Ears – USe Mitactin Salve on a q-tip.
  3. Eyes – ANTIBIOTICS for your eyes is needed.  Ask for eye drops.
  4. Face – Use the Mitactin Spray for your face.

ANTIBIOTICS – See your doctor for antibiotics, parasite cleanser & fungal prescription meds to kill bacteria, fungus and parasites.

Morgellons Suport

We suggest you speak directly to the care provider before going on any appointment , supportive family or friends is always good too in keeping them in check when dealing with Morgellons.  Suffering with many of the Morgellons symptoms many described do make you wonder if you are dying.  Remember you are still alive as horrible as the whole thing is.

There are a multitude of things you can take to function a bit better if you Morgellons symptoms, but for best results it’s best to find a holistic care provider that can monitor what you take and do since it can get a bit complicated to know what to take and when to take it.  As for the cloud seeding situation when dealing with Morgellons…these are the most common metals being used (barium, aluminum, strontium, and silver iodide).

There can be others involved as well and you will find that many of the Morgellons symptoms you have are related to acute heavy metal toxicity.  Metals testing may be important for you to do (hair analysis can be the most accurate and you may need to take a metal chelator to get the true levels of what is in your body).

Morgellons – Legal Support

You can seek legal support for Morgellons and they will take the case if I can present them with test results confirming the metals in your body and the rain/snow.  If you can verify these metals you can seek out legal support.

Morgellons Pictures – Morgellons is a horrible disease that consist of many symptoms.

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Morgellons Support

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