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There are several signs of evidence when a person has Morgellons.  There are real organic mites which cause scatches on the skin and bites and itching and then there are man-made sharp tapering rigid fibers coming through the skin.

The first one I ever felt came from deep on my left side. It pushed toward the skin, pushed a little harder, pushed again and then on the last hard push, came through the skin and I had about 3-4 long fibers in my hand.  I had heard about Morgellons and wondered….  “Is this was people with Morgellons experience?”

Morgellons Fibers

Most of the Morg fibers are cyclic, that is they have a channel with an inclusion which can be anything from a biosensor which reflects light or electrochemical activity, measures pH, temperature or even Alzheimers ligands.

[Editor’s Note: June 25, 2006. When I first heard about Morgellons, I had thought that the fibers were being picked up from chemtrails and then pushed out of the body via lesions. However, somebody wrote to me and assured me that the fibers were being PRODUCED by whatever strange organisms were associated with this new ‘Morgellons disease‘. Of course, it’s a given that this “Morgellons problem” was manufactured in some military or black ops government lab somewhere and it’s most likely being dispersed via chemtrails.

As scary as the topic of Morgellons seems, however, there is nothing in the universe that does not have its own “resonant frequency”. If it exists, then it has a resonant frequency.

If you happen to know what the resonant frequency is, and you can successfully apply it to the “organism” under question, then you can cause that creature to self destruct. I feel reasonably certain that those web sites which attempt to link this new ‘disease’ to ETs or off-planet origins (Mars ‘meteorites’ and similar NASA nonsense) are merely pushing the disinfo envelope for our friends in the alphabet agencies. All of our ‘newly’ discovered -hitherto unknown- ‘diseases (AIDS, Ebola, Flesh eating bacteria, Hanta Virus, SARS, Bird flu, etc., etc.) are bio engineered bugs.

Population reduction certainly seems to be the theme of AIDS, but this Morgellons bug may be intended to keep people preoccupied and distracted while they install the NWO police state. You should always bear in mind, though, that for every problem, there is ALWAYS a solution. It can be no other way; it’s Universal Law. Isaac Newton tripped onto that law with his own observation of “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” …Ken]

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Morgellons Crystal Engineering

The Morgellons Crystal Engineering science is called Crystal Engineering and Suprmolecular Dye Chemistry. The dyes actually shape the tubes and take part in sensing. Prussian Blue is a pH sensor and can have enzymes attached. In fact, the Morgellons fibers are “functionalized with thin films” creating semiconductor materials that can be read from outside the body. Morgellons should be treated.

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