How to Properly Cure Parasites?

Human skin Parasites can appear seemingly out of no where. One minute you’re feeling fine and the next minute you’re itching incessantly. Within minutes the itching is accompanied by a biting sensation. The itching and biting is over your entire body with some areas more intense than others.

Follow a natural diet. Consuming lots of green vegetables, fruits and juices can keep parasites away from your body. A good balanced diet is always advisable for maintaining a toxin free body. You can consume lots of fresh fruit juices for cleansing your body. Eat high fiber food as they keep your digestive track clean. It also keeps you away from parasites.

Traditional medicine depends on drugs to kill the parasites; they may give temporary relief, but that is more likely to harm the digestive processes and create other complications. Naturopathy, on the other hand, aims at strengthening the intestines so that they can purge themselves of the parasites. The stools of a child suspected to be suffering from threadworms could be examined visually: in some cases they would be found sticking to the anus of the child.

Colon cleansing is the most effective treatment for intestinal cleansing that can get all the parasites out of the body. Generally such cleansing includes the use of a high fiber or roughage diet and supplements like Psyllium husks, citrus pectin, garlic, pumpkin (preferably seeds), ripe papaya’s extract, activated charcoal, roots of the beets and/or linseeds. However, there is no clinical data or laboratory researches favoring these all as anti-parasite treatment but they are very effective since they are still prescribed in alternative medicines.
Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits on a daily basis. Drink only filtered or distilled water 4- 6 glasses each day. Reduce the consumption of all products made from bleached flour and sugar. Cook your meats thoroughly before eating it. Observe proper hygiene including hand washing.

Naturopaths have for centuries advocated colon cleansing as a way of detoxifying the entire body and as a great natural cure for yeast. In early cases of parasite infections (before the parasites have reached the liver, bloodstream, and other internal organs) it may be enough just to detoxify the GI tract. Some have relied on the use of high colonic irrigation as a way of cleansing all bowel toxins, including parasites, but this does little, if anything, to rid the bloodstream or organs of parasites.

There are some herbs that affect one particular type of parasite present in the blood/intestines. For instance, agrimony is used to treat trichomonas, Artemisia to expel pinworms and malaria parasites. Barberry tincture is good for treating giardiasis and malaria and Echinacea tincture is prescribed to get rid of trichomonas infection. Furthermore, goldenseal tincture and Oregon grape roots are well known for its efficacy towards malaria and giardiasis whereas, prickly ash is good for eliminating pinworms.

You can eliminate parasites by using a variety of herbs. The herbs would include wormwood, black walnut and cloves, and some other types of herbs. These herbs don’t have any dangerous side effects. You can take these herbs for 30 days at least.

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