Parasites Eating Us Alive – part 1


I do know, nobody desires to talk about parasites. And nobody really wants to speak about parasites that could be residing inside of them. The thought of organisms and worms feeding off of the meals that is supposed to be nourishing us, is nicely, not very pleasant! But wouldn’t you reasonably be told about how you can rid your body of these power thieves, if you happen to do suspect Parasites you’ve gotten them?

So it’s estimated that about 50% of the individuals within the United States have some sort of parasites dwelling within them. To make you’re feeling somewhat higher, only 25% of those individuals get to the purpose where they present symptoms of Parasites. People who are around loads of animals, gardeners, anyone who travels abroad, and food handlers (especially those that work with raw meat or fish) run the very best danger of choosing up undesirable parasites.

You may also decide up parasites through insect bites, walking barefoot, eating meals that contain parasites (which you probably can’t see), having contact with someone else that has parasites, whether or not it’s shaking hands or kissing, and even by inhaling microscopic eggs that may fly round in dust.

Parasites: Eating Us Alive WARNING: VERY SHOCKING.

Don’t eat spaghetti or Mr. Noodles while watching these videos! “3.5 billion people worldwide are infected with parasitic worms,” the commentator says. Some explain parasites as part of God’s curse on creation. Others see it purely from an evolutionary opportunistic point of view. Some worms have been found that are 100 feet long (in whales)! What a brutal concept in getting food: hey, you don’t even have to go out and get it… Have you ever heard of Cryptosporidium? Parasitic Worms? Did you know that Malaria is actually a parasite? You Can Also Order The Since Updated DVD from Discovery Channel:


mind-controlling parasites… this parasites are called Leucochloridium paradoxum. There are many other “mind-controlling” parasites such as the Spinochordodes Tellinii which infect grasshoppers and forces them to drown themselves. Oh and one of my favs Parasites is the Toxoplasma Gondii found in cats intestines. But I’ll let yall look it up. Savor the knowledge my children.
So by now I’m certain you might be wondering if you have beaten the odds and escaped their wrath. However how will you inform? Essentially the most sure-fireplace method is to have your feces analysed by a lab, and they can tell you exactly what could also be festering within you. However you possibly can check out among the indicators that your personal digestive system may be giving you. Are your feces really foul-smelling? Do you’ve adjustments in bowel habits that seem to come on with no warning, similar to going from constipated to having diarrhea? Does your tummy appear to gurgle even if you aren’t hungry?

Whether or not you prefer it or not, then you will have parasites.