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morgellonsA common feature of many skin diseases is the appearance of unsightly blemishes, scars, pimples and whatnot; but with Morgellons disease, there are little or no visible symptoms, but it helps to know about what to look for when you suspect a case of this disease, using Morgellons images.

Morgellons Syndrome

Morgellons syndrome, also known as fiber disease, is officially deemed an unexplained dermopathy. Simply put, this disease has not yet been fully understood even by experts. Some even go as far as saying that Morgellons is simply a case of delusional parasitosis, or in other words imagining the presence of parasitic insects on or underneath the skin. But, as mentioned, this skin disease has not been fully defined as of now.

The most well-known symptom of Morgellons is the sensation of stinging, itching and crawling over and under the skin, all over the victim’s body. Basically, it is like staying inside a tub full of ants and having them walk all over you, only that you could even feel them inside your skin.

These sensations may very well be caused by the presence of black or blue growths inside the skin. These growths appear either as crystals, filaments or granules, sometimes sticking together to form a protrusion similar to a cyst. They may even appear like strands of hair, exiting the skin through the pores and sticking out. Some victims of Morgellons have been known to pluck these hair-like growths, only to cause bleeding and pain, as these growths stick to skin tissue.

morgellonsThe Morgellons Research Foundation (MRF) is a non-profit organization that has been devoting itself to the study of this dreadful disease through Morgellons images and other methods since 2002. Current study shows that Morgellons could be made of a fungal species, not just foreign tissue. In fact, it is reported that strands of these growths actually move with observation of Morgellons images under a microscope. This may clear up the creeping and crawling feelings Morgellons suffer from.

Other symptoms of this disease, aside from painful sores and lesions on the skin, are short-term memory loss, minor and partial mental confusion, optical blurring and even joint pain. It has not yet been concluded if Morgellons is contagious or not.

Morgellons Images

Morgellons images have been spreading throughout the Internet and other media, and there have been a lot of rumors surrounding Morgellons syndrome, ranging from simple, believable ones like pandemics to fanciful hearsay, like this disease being man-made, and created by the government as a biological weapon. For now, not much can be safely inferred regarding this skin disorder, for Morgellons is as baffling as they come.

A few nice parasites images I found:

Parasites in Ranchi #1: The Opportunist

Image by premasagar
Rich pickings for the uninvited guest.

» Parasites in Ranchi #2: Unauthorised Meeting

Ranchi, Jharkhand, India.
Journey to the East set

A spider parasite

Image by mgjefferies
Well the larvae are parasites of spiders. This is a male; they tend to have more pronounced markings and more extensive coloured areas than the females. The eggs are the little black shapes on the twig. Insect is around 6mm long.
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Informational Facts about Skin Parasite

  • Skin parasites in humans infect different areas of the body, causing irritation and health problems.
  • Skin parasites are infectious agents that can cause irritation and itching.
  • Skin parasites treatment is mostly concerned with a thorough body cleansing act.
  • Skin parasites can make your cat uncomfortable and itchy, while parasites such as fleas can make the animal ill and lethargic if not treated promptly.
  • Skin parasites can cause a dog to itch, scratch, leading to a canine skin infections, skin sores, and dry, flaky skin in dogs.

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