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I have posted the following testimonies to help answer the question: “Is Colloidal Silver A Scam”. . At the end of the article, I have included my own testimony of Colloidal Silver.

Ear Infection

Three rounds of Augmentin were prescribed by an MD to treat a local ear infection in a 3 year old child. The first two round of antibiotics failed, and the third prescription required a double dose; the MD’s next suggestion was the insertion of tubes in the ear.

The antibiotics were stopped, and colloidal silver was administered directly in the ears, twenty minutes in each ear, twice daily. The fever broke within 48 hours, the pain reportedly was eliminated within 72 hours, and a follow-up visit to the MD two weeks later showed no signs of infection.

The infection recurred two months later, whereby the colloidal silver was used once again, with the same successful result. After the second occurence of the ear infection, it never returned.

Jason R Eaton

Stomach Virus

I work for a county mental health department – a high stress and often germy environment. A virulent stomach flu was going around, and we had both staff and clients down with severe vomiting and diarrhea. I started getting it.

Being quickly overcome I rushed to the store after work for the usual supplies of 7-up, crackers and Pepto. I was praying I wouldn’t throw up in the store, I was dizzy and felt terrible. I remembered having seen on the ‘net something about colloidal silver being able to tackle many kinds of nasties, and since we are dreadfully understaffed I just don’t have time to be out sick.

So on a whim, I ducked into a nearby GNC and picked up some CS. Within minutes of the very first dose, the nausea was COMPLETELY gone and by the next day I was fine! It totally staved off the hideous barf bug. I will never let my medicine cabinet be without colloidal silver!

Ann Minch

Urinary Tract Infection

I have had for years an ugly urinary infection, from Pseudomonas and Proteus, taken in hospital, both resistant to all the antibiotics, except that amikacina.

With only 1 month of CS, one glass per day, the infection is gone. After first week no more symptoms yet.

The results have been confirmed with two several following analyses, one and two months later: everything is sterile


Carol in Colorado    Nov 2009

I’ve had morgellons symptoms since April of 2006.

I had gone to my doctor because I was unable to walk without a cane. My right knee was very tender and I had never had anything like this pain before. The doctor gave me an antibiotic. I was supposed to go back to see him in two weeks. In that length of time my right leg was now feeling fine. However, my abdomen and body were covered with many lesions. The doctor kept addressing my leg problem, but not acknowledging the obviously open lesions all over me.

Since that time I’ve seen at least seven doctors and have had no success in getting a cure for this very odd set of symptoms.

Colloidal Silver is the best product that I know of for controlling the awful lesions and other symptoms. After using it over a period of time, it miraculously stopped most of the lesions and helped cut down on the crawling and stinging sensations, to the point where I was pretty much in control of my body again.

What a wonderful feeling! It did not cure the disease, but it put me back in the driver’s seat so that I could live an almost perfectly normal lifestyle again.
morgellons; Breathing Again Normally

Jerri A.   May 8, 2008

I have this dreaded disease called morgellons; I could feel these glass-like fibers in my throat and in my nose/sinuses. My throat began bleeding as well as my nose. I did my research on the net to see if there were any cures or treatments. I discovered Colloidal Silver . I ordered some right away, *by the time my order arrived my air-way and sinuses were already beginning to close up with these fibers.

I was coughing and gagging, it was terrible. I was beginning to panic.

So when my order arrived I couldn’t open it fast enough. I put the drops in some bottled water I had purchased & gargled and drank it down. I felt the fibers loosen in my throat almost right away. I had also introduced NutraSilver® in my nose and sinuses. One treatment started to clear my nasal passages.

At first I started to swallow those loosened fibers way back in my throat but stopped swallowing and quickly began coughing them up and spitting them out instead. I kept this routine up until after a few days my throat and nasal passages cleared up. The only thing left was my lungs; for I kept coughing fibers up out of my lungs.

To be able to breathe clean fresh air again and feeling so much better is heaven-sent. It’s my personal belief that if I can stop any re-infection that perhaps Colloidal Silver can keep this disease so well under control it would be like not having the disease at all.

My Testimony

After years of suffering from chronic sinus and ear infections, my wife made a discovery which has literally changed my life. Thank you Angie 🙂 The discovery, Colloidal Silver Water. After hearing about  Colloudal Silver and the many claims of it’s healing power, I did an exhaustive research on the subject. Finally after reading hundreds of testimonials from Colloidal Silver users, I decided to buy some online. When the package arrived, I opened it immediately and sprayed 3 squirts into each nostril. Now I know that this will be hard to believe but my sinuses cleared up within 10 minutes. By the next day, my ear and sinus infection was completely GONE… NO CONGESTION, NO PAIN, NO MORE SUFFERING. It was the most amazing supplement I have every tried for an ailment.   I am happy to say that I have not had a sinus or ear infection for over a year since using Colloidal Silver. If I feel a little twinge of something coming on, I give it a couple of squirts and it’s gone.

Where Can You Buy Colloidal Silver and Get More Information?

Utopia Silver has the most extensive inventory of Colloidal Silver I have found on the internet. They have been in business for a long time and their website has alot of information about Colloidal Silver as well as other nautral health related products. . I’ve sent the owner, Ben Taylor, a few emails asking about Colloidal Silver before purchasing and he’s always been prompt, friendly and informative with his replies. Click Here to Visit Utopia Silver.

In conclusion, I am a living testimony of the power that Colloidal Silver holds against diseases. My entire family has used Colloidal Silver for a variety ailments including gum infections, wound healing, dandruff, colds, urinary tract infections and the list goes on and on. We have even treated our pets with Collidal Silver. The treatments have NEVER failed. My advice is to give Colloidal Silver a try. You will not be disappointed.

Wishing all of you the Best of Health,




My wife and I are freelance writers dedicated to helping people enhance their lives whether it be spiritually, physically or finacially. Personally, my favorite subject to write about is Health, particuarly alternative medeicines. Feel free to contact me if you would like to hear more about my and my families experiences with Colloidal Silver.

Feel free to browse my personal website below or visit Utopia Silver by clicking the links below.



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Factoids on This Topic

  • Chagas disease is one of the most deadly parasitic diseases in the world.
  • Medical authorities often times blame the Morgellons sufferers for inflicting the wounds on themselves and believe the fibers simply emanate from clothing.
  • All through a parasitic infection, a variety of abdominal problems prevail in distressing regularity.
  • Black walnut hulls oxygenate the blood, which helps kill parasites, and acts as a laxative to help expel the worms from the body.
  • Fiber Disease is not a new disease although not many doctors have seen it before.
  • Scaly face is a term used for an infestation of burrowing or scaly face mites.
  • People with a parasitic infection get sick because parasites have started to consume their nutrients, cells and body tissues, also leaving toxic waste in their hosts’ bodies.
  • Some health professionals don’t acknowledge Morgellons disease or are reserving judgment until more is known about the condition.
  • Scaly face mites bury under the skin on the bird’s legs, feet, and around the beak.

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Support For People With Skin Parasites

Support For People With Skin Parasites

Skin ParasitesUnusual skin parasites, contributing to unremitting itchy skin, sustained simply by lots of people the world over are actually more and more frequent. The particular scratching is very severe and persistent that typically the only solutions would likely be to take nearly extremely hot baths repeatedly every day which keeps the actual vermin under control.

How are the particular itchy skin parasites came down with? Just one particular women developed them with a bird nest the lady shoved all the way down coming from a windows. Yet another female along with her spouse caught them coming from home furniture they rented while all their piece of furniture was in transportation. One particular fellow developed them by a dust cloud while cutting all the way down a dead tree. An additional woman extracted a nest of mice originating from a comforter stored in the girl shed and caught them. Exchanging dresses within a wedding with yet another bridesmaid was the actual downfall of the next partner. An individual woman quite possibly says he or she developed it in the fellow sitting across via the girl for a meeting where you work. This person claims to can see minute droplets coming by his mouth as he spoke. My own particular hell started off when I had a cloud of particles infiltrate upon me as I pulled apart a strangulating vine through the tree in my back yard.

Onset of symptoms frequently starts approximately twenty-four to thirty-six hours after exposure. The actual initial symptoms happen to be an scratching of the skin driving the particular individual to a hot bath to relieve the actual symptoms. Sorry to say within several hours typically the powerful irritation returns. Anti itch creams only provide respite for a few hours.

Regularly there’s very little to be seen simply by typically the naked eye, except perhaps some notice their skin sparkling in the particular sun light. Within a few days, as the particular symptoms become more severe, the itchiness develops into a biting sensation which feels as if it’s as a result of under the particular skin resulting in rashes and lesions developing everywhere.

The family doctor usually prescribes Elimite, Diprolene, Quell, Cortisone, sulfa drugs… and antibiotics for the particular rash. There instant solutions for up to about four days and then the actual itchy skin symptoms return in full force. It’s almost as if the actual parasites adapt and become immune to the actual barrage of treatments.

Next, typically the family doctor refers the actual individual to a dermatologist or a specialist. Typically the dermatologist or specialist is often at loss to explain the particular physical condition. Because he can’t diagnose anything, he often suggests the actual problem is caused by means of stress or because the actual lesions happen to be being scratched just by a family’s fingernails.

After pleading, he may consider a plug sample for biopsy and a sample of blood. Typically the sufferer finally thinks that typically the results of the particular test will identify the particular offending organism and begins to anticipation typically the results of the particular tests so the particular right treatment can be prescribed.

However, typically the blood test comes back basically normal except for a slight elevation in typically the CBC which may indicate a slight infection–nothing for alarm. And typically the results of typically the biopsy happen to be likewise negative. The individual begins to think that he/she is living a bad dream.

Unconsciously while all this is happening, the sufferer’s environment–that is the particular entire home including all furniture, bedding, clothing… is inflammed. Some sufferers begin to notice black specs or a gritty material in his or her’s bedding or they notice fibers emerging from some of the lesions and cotton ball like material on their very own skin.

Your desperation and panic results in all kinds of de-wormers, herbal products, chelation therapy and or removal of amalgam as a result of filings in their very own teeth to remove mercury, medications by Mexico, faith healing, rifing… most to no avail.

Variety of Skin Parasites

Typically the offending parasites are generally a particular or more of several skin parasites:

1. Collembola (spring tails)

2. Strongyloides stercoralis

3. Morgellons

The fact is that the simple truth is that nearly all physicians are generally totally inexperienced with the particular treatment of all of these pathogens and for two of them there are generally no diagnostic tests available. And ironically the particular just one particular that can be identified (the actual strongyloides) is a odd nematode requiring a wormer which again physicians are inexperienced in its treatment.

How they are usually developed is generally by skin connection with:

Bed bugs.
Infected clothing, pieces of furniture, jewelry…

The particular Strongloides consists of a life cycle where they exist internally and part of your life cycle takes a number of them onto one’s skin where they can contaminate others. So quite possibly though they can initially be spread due to bed bugs and mites, they can also be spread simply with warm skin connection with an infected garment or couches or chairs.

Sexual contact is unnecessary for transmission–simple skin contact is all that’s needed.

Long-run exposure can result in associated diseases of memory loss, pain, confusion, Fibromyalgia, ADHD, bipolar disorder… However, it is unknown as to whether these particular ramifications are generally solely because of the particular skin parasites or attributable to the actual accompanying Lyme disease and protozoan infections that often accompany the particular skin parasites.

The Attack of Skin Parasites

Once attacked with the particular skin parasites a whole lot of efforts is required to take on your daily life back.

1. Disinfection just by using disinfectants of most surroundings, bedding, clothing, jewelry, automobile, work stations…

2. A showering protocols utilising Epson salts followed by way of wiping the body with tea tree oil and the actual make use of 999 cream (found in Chinese stores).

3. The particular parasite/Lyme diet plan and that’s full of protein and absolutely no in most popular carbohydrates such as fruits, wheat… The skin parasites now have food preferences. There usually are foods which they enjoy so they reward you for feeding them with biting and irritation and there usually are foodstuff that go without food them. It needed three years to find and perfect typically the diet. Fortunately many experts have reported to promote all known skin variations parasites. Additionally it is this special diet program which allows the actual next item to generate magic.

4. By means of ORAP or one of countless other medications can effectively eradicate many of typically the vermin.

Yes, life should come back to normal from most of these itchy skin parasites and you can awaken coming from this bad dream and all the directions are generally in an e-book entitled Soothing the particular Itch Within and the actual Diet program to Control It.

Best Skin Parasite Supersized Super Pack

The Best Value for an individual treating an advanced case of Skin Parasites. Cleanses the skin to combat the Skin Parasites living on you, and gets rid of the Skin Parasites living in your environment to eliminate the chance of getting infested again.
Kills Skin Parasites and Stop the Itching

  • Know you will finally be able to leave your home again without worrying about infecting others
  • Get healthier skin without having sores or dryness from your skin parasite treatment
  • Eliminates stress so you can get on with your life without having to worry about biting skin mites
  • Get your life back with personal contact with your loved ones, start hugging your kids again
  • Treat yourself from the privacy of your own home
  • Sleep better at night because you are not waking up to itch
  • Stop the crawling sensations in your hair

Informational Video about Skin Parasites


Additional Resources on Skin Parasite:

Did You Know?

  • The Allicin in garlic also kills intestinal fungus, known as Candida, which overgrows when the diet is high in sugar and carbohydrates, which is the thing intestinal parasites thrive one.
  • Composting manure will help kill parasites, as will spreading it so sunlight can dry it out.
  • Often called face mites, demodex mites live either on the skin of the face, or in hair follicles, such as the eyelashes.
  • Parasitic diseases such as giardiasis and cryptosporidiosis acquired from food and water are also a major cause of chronic diarrhea acquired by US travelers to foreign countries.
  • Many people who say they have Morgellons describe a feeling like insects are burrowing underneath their skin.
  • Mass fecalysis to be done to determine the parasitic infection prevalence among the residents is limited only to Kato-Katz technique.
  • High-quality raw cloves can be used to make a tea or consumed in capsules for a herbal parasite cure.
  • Morgellons, also referred to as unexplained dermopathy or fiber disease, is a collection of symptoms that primarily involve the skin.
  • Most doctors believe that Morgellons is not an actual skin disease, but is in fact delusional parasitosis.

Medicated shampoo with Coal Tar, Salicylic Acid & Micronized Sulfur. Treats skin scaling caused by Seborrhea. Helps relieve Mange & other parasitic infections. Effective against fungal & bacterial skin infections. Seborrheic Dermatitis is a skin disorder found in dogs, cats & horses – and can be either genetic or the result of bacterial or yeast infections. Symptoms may include inflamed scalp, gre …

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  • Medicated shampoo with Coal Tar, Salicylic Acid & Micronized Sulfur. Treats skin scaling caused by Seborrhea. Helps relieve Mange & other parasitic infections. Effective against fungal & bacterial skin infections. Seborrheic Dermatitis is a skin disorder found in dogs, cats & horses – and can be either genetic or the result of bacterial or yeast infections. Symptoms may include inflamed scalp, gre …
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  • BASIC ZAPPER, Low Cost Option for Better Health, kill parasites, bacteria, worms, fungi


Morgellons Protocol Part 2

Morgellons Protocol Part 2

Feedback shows symptomatic relief from morgellons skin  symptoms with use of this skin care line called Allstop.
morgellons diseaseA. Begin with the Allstop Skin Parasite  system. There are 3 different kits to suit your needs.  Each kit is meant to provide you immediate relief of skin bugs.

You cannot stop using these products and they should be used exclusively for at least the first 6 months to 1 year.
B. These products contain no fragrance oils, chemicals, neurotoxins, mineral oils, Urea’s,
Fragrance Oils, etc., that are contained in many skin care lines.

C. Remember that this treatment will draw out toxins, debris, and organisms at first. You may get a bit redder but it will get

D. Epsom salts baths: 2 cups of Epsom salts per bath, to this you may add 1/4 cup of Borax, 1/4 cup sea salts and dried alfalfa capsules 10 per bath opened.   This is not included in your kit due to the fact you can easily purchase this from your nearest grocery store.

2. Citrus Facial  & body Scrub to draw out the larvae and the eggs.
• Apply to skin all over and scrub to draw out larvae and eggs.
3. MSM Medicated Skin Cream:   apply to skin twice a day to heal your lesions and kill the skin bugs
4. MSM Ophthalmic Drops: apply to eyes or Sulfacetamide Sodium Ophthalmic 10% drops – 3 drops to affected eye twice a day/prn.  Not included in kit, you will need a prescription from your doctor.
5. Mitactin Skin Cleanser – to kill the skin bugs
6. Sulphur Soap to heal the skin and reduce skin parasite activity.
7. Body Wash – Offers fungal properties which heals the skin and reduces activity on the skin
8. Healing Spray to heal the skin lesions
• Air dry. Do not wipe off.
9. BATHS: first three can be combined or used individually
• Epsom Salts Baths: 2 cups of Epsom salts per bath
10. Treatment For Morgellons Lesions – 2tsp Tea Tree Oil, 2 tbsp of White vinegar, 1/3 cup of full fat mayo (thick) – mix all ingredients together and apply to all lesions, let the mixture remain on for a couple of hours. Rub mixture in while washing it off.
11. Apple Cider Vinegar Mud Packs to draw out the fibers and heal the lesions.

Morgellons Disease Should Be Treated

More to come from Allstop.  Part 3 coming soon!

Morgellons Treatment

morgellons - fiber diseases - parasitesSkin Parasite Supersized Super Pack

The Best Value for an individual treating an advanced case of Skin Parasites. Cleanses the skin to combat the Skin Parasites living on you, and gets rid of the Skin Parasites living in your environment to eliminate the chance of getting infested again.

  • (1) 8 oz. / 236 ml Healing & Protection Spray
  • (1) 8 oz. / 236 ml Mitactin Skin Spray
  • (1) 18 oz. / 532 ml Medicated Body Wash
  • (1) 32 oz. / 946 ml PuraCleenRx Disinfectant Spray
  • (1) 2 oz. / 59 ml Medicated Skin Cream Free!

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