Skin Worms

Skin Worms Eating You

There have been quite a few reports and evidences of extreme infection of skin worms in human bodies. This parasitic invasion or the sensation of having skin worms crawling under the human skin may possibly be caused by ring worm infection, maggot infestation or Morgellons disease. This three conditions results to an almost similar feeling but quite different conditions of skin worms and cause.

skin wormsSkin Worms that invade our body:


Ringworm is a parasitic infection that occurs in the surface of the skin which can also be considered as one of the skin worms. This condition is not really an infection of an actual worm; rather it is caused by fungus that forms a ring on the skin. A ringworm, one of the skin worms infection stays at the surface of the skin and does not invade other internal parts of the body. It thrives in moist, hidden and warm conditions of the skin.

Here are the types of ringworm or skin worms infections:

Barbers itch – this ringworm occurs in the bearded areas of the face and neck.

Scalp ringworm – this often causes bald spots and is spread thru contaminated objects.

Jock Itch – this infestation that usually occurs in the groin area down to the thighs.

Body ringworm – this refers to ringworm found in other areas of the body except for the beard.

Athlete’s foot – this type of ringworm usually grows in the foot and the toenails.


Maggot infestation or Myiasis is a typical situation wherein a botfly larvae or maggot is living and feeding off from a persons’ skin or body. This is a literal condition of having skin worms living in a human body.

Several species of fly lays egg on living tissues which later hatch into a larvae or maggot. During its survival in the human skin and body, maggots secrete enzymes that break down living tissue. This will create wounds that can later in coalesce into wide areas of skin loss. Maggots also have the tendency to burrow deeper into the skin creating tissue damage. Hence this type of skin worms must not be taken for granted.

Morgellons Disease

Morgellons Disease is far more different than the two other skin worms conditions. It is characterized by having sensations of very thin worms crawling inside your skin. Black threadlike materials is an infection that’s also skin worms may form in the skin surface and there are black specks or materials left attached in clothing.

Other sensations being felt with Morgellons disease are the following:

–      Crawling

–      Biting and stinging sensations

–      Granules, threads or black speck-like materials on or beneath the skin

–      Skin lesions (rashes or sores)

–      Fatigue

–      Mental confusion

–      Short term memory loss

–      Joint pain

–      Changes in vision

Warning: Skin Worms

Do not be shy to admit that you have felt any of the symptoms or sensation of having Skin worms moving about on or under any part of your skin and body. As mentioned above, there are a few typical misunderstanding regarding the occurrence of this kind of infection. Seek help to know more, understand and find cure to the skin worms condition that you are having now.