Skin Parasites Symptoms

Typical Misconception between Morgellons and Skin Parasites Symptoms


Morgellons and Skin parasites symptoms are very much closely related but still quite possible to compare. It is quite easy to recognize the latter due to the physical visibility and traces of skin parasites symptoms infection incurred.

How do you tell the difference?

There are quite a few types of skin parasites symptoms that infect or feed in the human skin. The most common one is the variety of invertebrates that bite and feed off in the human skin such as flies, fleas, bedbugs, lice, mites and ticks. On some unusual situations, eggs that hatch into larvae, scabies mites and ticks may reside in the skin to feed. Morgellons on the other hand is made up of having itchy and weird sensations of creepy crawling parasites inside you. It is a type of rare skin parasite that is until now difficult to diagnose and have no specific known cure. Hence skin parasites symptoms must not be taken for granted.

It is a sad fact though that nearly all physicians are inexperienced with this type of parasitic infection or some of these skin parasites symptoms and they do not recognize much of it compared to the skin parasites symptoms. Most doctors have no idea of any available treatment for these pathogens and worst is that there are no specific diagnostic tests available to pinpoint the particular parasitic infection that a patient might be suffering with.

What are the common types of skin parasites symptoms?

skin parasites

Well, most of the common skin parasites symptoms are itchy, round, red papules or swellings in the skin. The majority of these skin parasites symptoms are bites that will last for about two weeks or even two months if the person could not resist scratching the infected area. In addition, human fingernails can be loaded with bacteria and scratching often leads to having rashes, lesions and other further skin parasites symptoms infections.

An infection by rare skin parasites symptoms such as Morgellons disease usually causes relentless itchy skin. The itching evolves into an intense biting sensation wherein the infected individual may become relentless that the only relief is to take near scalding baths several times a day.

Morgellons is a specific type of infection wherein there is very little physical evidence or skin parasites symptoms to be seen by the naked eye, except perhaps some instances of seeing their skin sparkle in the sun light which is caused by growing microscopic fibers with cause and origin still unknown.

Don’t take skin parasites symptoms for granted!

If the skin parasites symptoms such as the itching and crawling sensations in the skin parasites symptoms persist and there is no evidence of parasites found, there are a few other causes that needs to be considered. There are a few possible physiological, hormonal and neurological syndromes that may cause similar skin parasites symptoms such as these. Delusional Parasitosis syndrome is usually mistaken to be one that inhibits same itching feeling of having something crawling and biting their way inside you skin.

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