Skin Diseases and Symptoms

Morgellons Disease: Culprit of Most Misdiagnosed Skin Diseases and Symptoms

Morgellons is not among the few typical skin diseases and symptoms such as scabies, bed bugs and others of similar experiences. Doctors find skin diseases and symptoms difficult to diagnose this multi-symptom disease, usually, due to lack of deeper understanding and just a few medical resources and research being done. But today, there are agencies and organizations such as the CDC or Center for Disease Control and Prevention who are looking into the deeper facts of this disease or some of the skin diseases and symptoms.

Skin Diseases and Symptoms: What are the symptoms of a Morgellons disease?

Morgellons disease often than most is quite similar to other common skin diseases and symptoms. It is usually misdiagnosed as delusional parasitosis or obsessive picking disorder by most doctors. To detail, here is the list of the skin diseases and symptoms of Morgellons disease that may be experienced:

–      Spontaneously Erupting Skin lesions

–      Sensation of crawling, biting on and under the skin

–      Appearance of blue, black or red fibers and granules beneath and/or extruding from the skin

–      Fatigue

–      Short-term memory loss

–      Attention Deficit, Bipolar or Obsessive-Compulsive disorders

–      Impaired thought processing (brain fog)

–      Depression and feelings of isolation


Who are at risk with Morgellons disease?

Adult and children alike are possibly at risk with this disease. At this point, scientists and researchers still do not have any idea of whether Morgellons disease is contagious or inherited unlike the other skin diseases and symptoms that it is similarly compared with. There are some cases when one or a few family member exhibits symptoms of the disease while others remain unaffected.

As a worldwide unknown medical phenomenon, investigation shows that apart from the US, Morgellons disease has been reportedly experienced in places such as Europe, South Africa, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia and Australia. All fifty states in the US have had reported cases of the disease but most cases were traced in Oklahoma, California, Texas and Florida.


Skin Diseases and Symptoms: How to cure and prevent Morgellons disease from spreading?

For now, there is no strong medical advice on which product can effectively heal and eliminate Morgellons disease. Various solutions against skin parasites are shown to be helpful to reduce if not eliminate the skin diseases and symptoms.

Unlike any other skin diseases and symptoms, there is still no definitive research to back-up how this disease is transmitted, lest more how to prevent skin diseases and symptoms awareness. There is no conclusive evidence showing whether Morgellons disease is contagious or not. There are doctors though who believe that Morgellons disease is related to an infectious agent found in the same family as that which causes Lyme disease, but still it lacks medical proof and research to prove such theory. Hence skin diseases and symptoms must be well noted.