Skin Burrowing Bugs

Morgellons: Skin Burrowing Bugs and the Like

Have you ever felt like being eaten alive by skin burrowing bugs and parasites? Do you ever feel a tingling itchy sensation but can’t seem to understand why? If you are suffering from any of these, then you might be having Morgellons.

Morgellons is an unexplained health condition characterized by baffling range of skin burrowing bugs symptoms including biting and crawling sensations, fibers protruding out or under the skin, skin lesions and more. Most doctors find skin burrowing bugs difficult to diagnose skin burrowing bugs disease because there are no available tests that can accurately pinpoint to this skin burrowing bugs condition. In usual cases, patients who are actually suffering from Morgellons are diagnosed with Delusional Parasitosis or maybe some of the skin burrowing bugs infection.

How is skin burrowing bugs contacted?

Up to now, no medical study has ever given full detailed evidence on how Morgellons had come to occur and on how skin burrowing bugs infection is contacted. Scientists and researchers find it difficult to tell whether skin burrowing bugs infection is a communicable disease or not because some families have only one to two who have Morgellons and it did not spread to the whole household while some also all family members affected.

Theories and Speculations: Skin Burrowing Bugs

There are some interesting theories and research reports that evolve on how Morgellons and some skin burrowing bugs symptoms had come to exist. These are but a few of those research leads, theories and speculations:

  • Delusional Parasitosis. Patients with Morgellons are usually diagnosed with this due to the absence of clear physical evidence that parasites do exist on their skin. Though currently, as information is being spread over the internet, doctors are now considering the possibility of this disease to occur.
  • First is the allergic effect of some individuals to fabrics and stuff that brought about the existence of fibers on the patients skin. It was later on disregarded as evidence from a police crime lab in Tulsa, Oklahoma surfaced. Some fibers from a Morgellons patient was examined but it did not match any known fibers from the industry or any known plant.
  • Another research group claims to have found some evidences of nano microbial exposure which resulted to having growing fibers, nano composites, and nano particles in the human body particularly the skin. The said exposure is linked to chemtrails, pesticides and other chemicals that utilize nano technology in its development and production. This investigation however, remains to be partial and incomplete. Researchers and scientists are still doing their best to crack the real cause of this disease.

There are neither sure facts nor medical researches about Morgellons disease that we can refer to up to this date. All we can do for now is to treat the skin burrowing bugs symptoms of Morgellons in each type that occurs. For those patients who are worried with the feeling of having skin burrowing bugs inside their bodies, hold on… the government and private organizations are now hand on hand to find the answer for skin burrowing bugs treatment.