Red Fiber Disease

Red Fiber Disease
Not Just an Ordinary Infection!

One of the first illnesses that have been linked to genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is being referred to as “Morgellons” but also called a syndrome of red fiber disease. People have various forms of these red fiber disease but red fiber disease manifest various symptoms such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and many people with “Morgellons” are co-infected with Lyme red fiber disease. Long term (chronic) sufferers develop sores that are very slow to heal. There are fibers that come from out of the skin, these red fiber disease have been studied have never been found in nature. They are considered to be man-made and of a poly – silicone type substances. There are many unknowns about the red fiber disease formations but one thing is certain, they are real (unbelievable as that may seem) and red fiber disease destroy health and lives. The fibers form from nearly all bodily tissues.

Syndrome of red fiber disease

Syndrome of red fiber disease is a disease that has recently come to surface, not just in the USA but around the world. However, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has refused to investigate, theories abound about red fiber disease cause and treatment potentials. Aside from the pain and emotional torment the red fiber disease brings, thousands suffer the indignity of being accused of mental disorder or other wrong diagnosis. Those who are treated are saturated with antibiotics and anti fungals that do little to contain the condition and cause other drug side effect red fiber disease.

The initial sign of red fiber disease is usually a rash that itches intensely. This rash will bleed at once when scratched. It can last from a few days to several weeks and nothing will seem to remedy it. It is often mistaken for scabies or poison oak and no one known medicine will soothe it. It will then suddenly disappear as quickly as it appeared. Upon occasion the rash may return briefly for a period usually shorter than the initial rash. This can happen any time within a year of the first outbreak.

Following the rash, a period of incubation occurs in the body of the host. This can take anywhere from 3 months to up to 3 years. Then, the worm emerges and the production of fibers begins. The worm lives on body fluids such as blood and spinal fluids. Chronic fatigue, open lesions and depression, and an impaired immune system leading to other complications, (in the same manner as AIDS works as a facilitator) are some of the higher visibility manifestations in this progressive state of the disease.

Most people realize that these fibers are somehow related to fungus or fungal disorders.  When using fungal products on their skin, the activity seems to lessen dramatically.  Additionally when you reduce the amount of fungus around your environment by using a good hospital disinfectant, sufferers seem to feel immediate relief.

Tips on Red Fiber Disease

Below is a list of some products or concoctions some people who have red fiber disease have reported to help with removing the fibers.

  1. Menthol Crystals – Work great for red fiber disease and they do several things for you.  The Menthol Crystals stop most parasite activity under the skin and seem to remove the fibers from the skin.
  2. Mixture of Diatomaceous earth, tea tree oil, lavender oil, anise oil, fungal gel and water.  This mixture is the same Parasite Body Mud sold by Allstop.  You can make it yourself or you can order the premade jars yourself.
  3. Sulfur powder and Sulfur Soap – Sulfur in any form is good for removing the fibers from the skin.  10% sulfur is what you would need and it really doesn’t smell bad.
  4. Taking 8 Olive Leaf Capsules per day helps also with the activity.
  5. Using Red Rasberry Ellagic Acid, Olive leaf extract, msm (sulfur) and Mitactin works good for stopping the activity under the skin and also removing the fibers.
  6. Using Vinegar internally and topically works well.  It seems like vinegar has strong anti-everything properties.

It is imperative that the nation wake up to this red fiber disease and start to do comprehensive research and to support emotionally and economically those patients who have it and who can no longer work. This is proving to be a contagious disease, spread from one family member to another or through close contact. This disease can be carried by animals and there are reports of people contracting the disease in hotels and on travels. It is devastating to know that not only adults but some children are being infected with it. So get rid of red fiber disease.