Nano Skin Bugs

Nano Skin Bugs
Cause of Mysterious Parasitic Diseases


Nano Skin Bugs cause mysterious parasitic diseases; Morgellons Nano Skin Condition is one of the most troubling types of parasitic diseases that have been taking over the US and the world.  Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, a Toxiologist from California has been doing testing to connect  Nano Skin Bugs as a cause to Morgellons.  She calls these nano skin bugs Nano Machines!

To date, there are more than sixty thousand people in the US alone that have been reported to have Morgellons, and yet, this sixty thousand plus people don’t have any other choice but to self medicate due to the absence of clear strong medical information about the cause and cure of nano skin bugs disease.

Nano Skin Bugs:

Getting To Know Morgellons

nano skin bugs

Morgellons is a disease known for its unexplained dermopathy and is characterized by many varying symptoms such as crawling and stinging sensations on the skin, growing fibers and/or grains on or under the skin, skin lesions, and other systemic health problems. Nano skin bugs could be part of these symptoms.

In most common scenarios, patients with Morgellons are most frequently misdiagnosed with delusional parasitosis and are treated with antipsychotic drugs and therapy with never any thought of Nano Skin Bugs. For some who would self-medicate, they usually turn to antibiotics, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal medicines  that are over the counter. Thinking it could be nano skin bugs, consulting a doctor would be the best way to do. Though there were a number of patients of nano skin bugs under the CDCs monitoring as diagnosed with Morgellons also tested positive for Lyme disease; Dr. Staninger still thinks there is a link to the Nano Skin Bugs. Due to this, initial medications for Lyme disease were also given to those patients, but sadly, it was not 100% effective. Hence, nano skin bugs could be alarming.

Nano Skin Bugs:

A Possible Link to Nanotechnology

There had been a recent development reported by Dr. Hildegarde  Staninger, a Toxicologist and a Doctor of Integrative Medicine who had been studying Morgellons since 2006. Based on her report, the Morgellons disease and its symptoms are brought about by an invasion of nanomachines or nano skin bugs in the living tissues of the human body. These nanomachines or nano skin bugs are believed to have infected those persons who were exposed to chemtrails, pesticides and other chemicals with nano technological background.

Dr. Staninger has formulated a few guidelines to be followed when a person is suspected to have Morgellons:

1.    Strictly no metals.

2.    Stay away from MMS and Sodium Chorite.

3.    Refrain from electro magnetically charged types of therapy

4.    Do not take unrecognized medications and DIY solutions and remedy.

5.    Avoid chlorine and bromine from interacting with your skin and body.

6.    Pass up on foods that contain modified food starches, GMO corn or any other kind of soy products.

There are too many sides of the story on how Morgellons disease came to exist and yet, there is still no final word released on which one is really true. For now, patients with these mysterious parasitic diseases are advised to try medications for the existing symptoms that they are experiencing and hopefully the symptoms will alleviate. Get rid of nano skin bugs parasitic diseases before things get worse.