Morgellons Syndrome

Confusing Facts of Morgellons Syndrome


There have been many theories and medical conditions that are confused to be related to Morgellons syndrome due to the vast coverage of Morgellons syndrome. This makes the disease more difficult and confusing to diagnose for most medical practitioners.

Morgellons Syndrome:

Morgellons syndrome is usually misdiagnosed at some point of its infliction. As one of the most intriguing yet unknown type of disease, Doctors usually confuse it as Delusional Parasitosis. Anybody who has Morgellons syndrome is expected to feel and experience one or more of the below morgellons syndrome / symptoms:

–      Sensations of insects moving and biting on and under the skin

–      Skin lesions, rashes and sores

–      Fibers of different colors protruding out of the skin

–      Sand-like granules or black speck-like materials on or beneath the skin

–      Fatigue

–      Mental confusion

–      Central memory loss

–      Joint pain

–      Changes in vision

–      And a few more systemic manifestations and problems

Morgellons Syndrome

Controversies over Morgellons Syndrome:

Being in the hot spot in the current medical research phenomena for having many types of Morgellons syndrome, this disease has been quite unprecedentedly tied up to be caused by a few theories and speculations.

One of the most bizarre and intriguing theory regarding the origin of this disease is the possibility of some deeply rooted agenda of control and/or possible destruction of humankind thru nano machine invasion in human body systems. Scientists claimed that evidences have led them to believe that these microscopic nano configurations have caused genetic alteration to the human DNA or RNA which resulted to having nano fibers and substances growing out of the skin.

Further findings were claimed to have proven that Morgellons syndrome are communicable nano-technology invasion of human tissue which are self-assembling and self replicating nano-tubes and nano-wires with sensors that thrives in the alkaline ph conditions of the body. These nano-machines are believed to have been configured to receive specific tuned microwave, EMF and ELF signals and radio data control.

Morgellons Syndrome:

Realistic Scientific Approach

Though current scientific investigation leads may have been too outward futuristic, scientists and researchers still do not take out the possibility of such existence. For now, no further reports with undeniable evidence have been made public related to this matter.

For now, Doctors are advised to give treatments depending on the Morgellons syndrome experienced by each individual. With continuous coordination of the patients and medical professionals, hopefully, we will have a known cure for Morgellons syndrome soon.