Itchy Skin Parasites

Invisible Itchy Skin Parasites
Face Parasites

Are you dealing with itchy face parasites or skin parasites? Or little black human parasites that itch?

Itchy skin parasites cause a lot of discomfort whenever itchy skin parasites strike, terrorizing us when itchy skin parasites can. And when they do, they make sure we feel it, while itchy skin parasites move all over our bodies and render us feeling itchy, sometimes even leaving little sores. This itchy skin parasites sounds annoying!

While there still is a lot to be learned about Morgellons, or about itchy skin parasites, people suffering from this disorder have been known to experience “formication” or sensations of crawling, stinging on the skin. There have been reported cases where patients with Morgellons itch all over despite being free of infestations by itchy skin parasites and the like. These itchy skin parasites sensations are also felt under the skin. Have you ever had a bug crawl all over your body, even inside your clothes? Now imagine many itchy skin parasites crawling underneath your skin. That’s how formication feels like.

Itchy Skin Parasites is annoying!

Victims of Morgellons have also been reported to find black filaments, granules or crystals underneath the skin, perhaps explaining the itching sensations. There are times when this blue, red or black material leaves the body and sticks to household materials made of fabric, such as clothes or blankets. These fibers found underneath the skin are sometimes found to stick out of the skin at odd places. Itchy skin parasites might seem like ingrown hairs, but they are actually filaments that bunch up under the skin, sometimes creating cyst-like formations.

As for other symptoms, lesions and rashes that sometimes come with bleeding have also been observed on the skin of those afflicted with Morgellons with itchy skin parasites. Current findings also show that Morgellons not only affects the victims’ skin, but also other parts like the brain and muscles. Some people suffering from this disease have been reported to suffer from cognitive dysfunction, short term memory loss, and muscle fatigue. But as of now, there have been no proven links between these and other symptoms of Morgellons; however there is some link between morgellons and fungus. See, itchy skin parasites morgellons could turn your day upside down.
There are many home remedies on the web for getting rid of itchy skin parasites.  I would like to share a few of the home remedies here.  These remedies have been taken directly from people suffering with these itchy skin parasites symptoms.

Itchy Skin parasites symptoms:

  1. The most important herbs you should consume are Cat’s Claw, Teasel, Olive Leaf Extract, Seven Gorest Herbal formulas for Spirochetes, Triphala and Sarsaparilla.
  2. Always keep your surroundings clean by using a strong hospital disinfectant to kill fungus growing around you.
  3. You will want to use products  that have multipurpose; some are antibacterial and anti-fungal on the skin for cost puposes.  Stay away from mold and anything with fungus; such as working in your garden.
  4. Use menthol crystals.
  5. MSM or sulfur products help with activity under the skin and liquid MSM takes te edge off the joint pains quickly.
  6. Wash your entire body with Selsun Blue on one day, sulfur soap another day and Allstop Body Wash & Skin Conditioner another day.  Rotate days.
  7. Apply Mitactin after every bath all over your body.  Mitactin is mild enough for itchy face parasites, yet mild enough for the skin on your face.  You can use it by applying Mitactin on a q-tip and twisting it in your ear too.
  8. It helps if you sit in a sauna to sweat out the toxins in your body.  Seems to reduce activity.
  9. Consider these homeopathic remedies: Oil of Oregano, Parasite Combination Tinctures with Worm Wood, Clove and Black Walnut Hull.
  10. Move toward vegetarian diet, but maintain protein intake with Quorn, Soy, Beans. Decrease refined carbohydrates, increase whole grains like Quinoa.
  11. Soak your clothes overnight in Tide (only Tide and Gain have enzymes in them unless you buy an organic detergent…also Walmart has a brand and Target) and borax and bleach in white …for colors ammonia…about a cup a load. Bounce in the dryer.(note it works because it contains balsalm of peru). If people have allergys vinegar in the rinse cycle is great also. OR you can use one capful of concentrated Xtreme Cleen in your wash.  This will kill bacteria and fungus in the wash.

Black parasite on the Skin Itchy and Hurts A Lot

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding this itchy skin parasites disorder, but we can be sure of one thing: Morgellons is more than just invisible itchy skin parasites. There have been no proven causes of this itchy skin parasites condition. Majority of medical practitioners, dermatologists and psychiatrists included, do not treat Morgellons as a real disease. Some even go as far as saying that Morgellons with itchy skin parasites is a mere example of delusional parasitosis. But for those who know that they suffer from Morgellons disease, there is hope. Itchy little black human parasites that itch  skin parasites must end.