Human Skin Disease

Morgellons: The mystery behind the
human skin disease

What usually comes to mind when we talk about human skin disease? Psoriasis. Acne. Dermatitis. There are a lot of skin disorders, and it goes without saying that all of them cause their victims some form of discomfort. The list could go on and on, but here is one particular human skin disease that is not only baffling, it also is very unique.

It goes by the name of Morgellons as a human skin disease (or syndrome), also known as the Fiber disease. This disorder got its name on 2002, when Mary Leitao named it in honor of her child who suffered from this then-nameless disease. Not much is known about the human skin disease, Morgellons, and the Centers for Disease Control named it as an unexplained dermopathy.

Despite the human skin disease Morgellons being a very vague human skin disease at the moment, there are symptoms that have been reportedly connected to it. The primary symptom that comes with the human skin disease Morgellons is feeling sensations of crawling, stinging and biting in and out of the human skin, even without any real insects creeping all over the victim. This may be caused by the presence of granules, crystals, filaments or fibers (hence the alternative name) that are either colored red, black or blue and found right under the skin. These strands often appear to stick out of the skin at certain parts of the body, and are often mistaken for ingrown hair.

Understanding Human Skin Disease more

According to ongoing study, the material found in this material is a cross between Chlamydia, a type of bacterium that generally causes sexually transmitted diseases in humans, and mycoplasma, a bacterial genus that has no cell wall and is immune to antibiotics.   Other tests have shown traces of fungal matters.  Whether or not this human skin disease Morgellons is infectious and can be transmitted through contact with the infected remains to be seen.

Another well-documented symptom ofthis human skin disease Morgellons is the sudden onset of painful lesions and rashes, sometimes with cyst-like swellings due to accumulated fibers under the skin. They may also come with some bleeding. Other cases of human skin disease Morgellons affect not just the skin, but also other parts of the body. Symptoms like muscle fatigue, optical alteration and impairment and cognitive dysfunction have also been connected to this disorder. Researchers are still trying to see if these symptoms really are part of contractingthe human disease  Morgellons.

Human Skin Disease: Morgellons

There still is ongoing research for human skin disease Morgellons, and scientists seek to unravel more and more about this mysterious human skin disease. In fact, there are already some topical products that have been proven to alleviate the disease and its symptoms. With the help of further research and technology, we are getting closer and closer to the truth about human skin disease: Morgellons.