Face Parasites

Spare Yourself from Face Parasites
What Parasite gets in Ears, Eyes, Nose and Scalp

parasite on faceIf you’ve asked yourself “what are face parasites”, then you’re not alone. Most people do not know what they are or how they can face them. Human parasites live off a host, be it human or animal.  Many can feel them, but can’t see them.   Face parasites are very common but often missed when a physician is attempting to diagnose a health issue. Not all blood or stool culture tests show parasitic activity which can result in frustration and confusion about your symptoms. They are becoming a major concern in this country today as well as in others.

Having face parasites are just too gross to consider! These face parasites gets in your ears, eyes, nose and scalp.  The reality is that as many as 90% of the people in America will develop complications from face parasites in their life time.  There are some although, with Morgellons disease who can’t get rid of them no matter how much they try.  Face Parasites seem to be in their nose, ears, eyes, face and scalp.


There are no known medication traditionally available to treat these face parasites.  There isn’t anything in the medical books that tell doctors what to prescribe on face parasites.  There are however concoctions that people who have face parasites use and their face parasite symptoms are relieved.  I will list a few of these face parsites concoctions below:

  1. Mix the ingredients listed below in a spray bottle.   Mix the ingredients below together, then add water.  The ingredients below make up ¼ of the amount of mixture.  Add ¾ water.  Spray your scalp, neck, feel and anyplace you feel activity from face parasites.  You can even put the mixture below in your bath water.  Soak for half an hour if you can.  This may dramatically reduce your itching and activity.
      1. Tea Tree Oil
      2. Peppermint Oil
      3. Anise Oil
      4. Mitactin
  2. Use 10% Sulfur Soap – Most local pharmacies can order it for you or you can order these online.
  3. Another suggestion is using 10% Sulfur Ointment.  Pomade de Azufre.  This is really good stuff and you can find it at Walmart and it is fairly inexpensive.
  4. You may consider washing your clothes with borax (sold at most grocery stores) or a concentrated disinfectant called Xtreme Cleen (sold online).  Most experience a reduction of face parasites when they follow the specific washing instructions.

parasite in eyeAdditionally, most people who suffer with face parasites, have noticed that if they keep their home and environment free of fungal properties, they feel less or no parasite activity at all.  Using a hospital grade disinfectant and disinfecting daily has proven to be very effective.

Face parasites also have been known to show less activity when anti fungal products are used on the skin daily.  Products such as lamasil, tinactin, Allstop Healing Gel are on the top of the list when looking for skin fungal products.  You can find lamasil and tinactin at any grocery store and Allstop Healing Gel is found online.

Ask your self these questions;
1.    Have you ever consumed food from fast food restaurants?
2.    Have you ever consumed food from major food companies that are publicly traded?
3.    Have you ever consumed processed food?

If you answered “Yes” to any one of these questions than there’s a great chance you have face parasites in your stomach or in the rest of your body also. There are over 100 different types of face parasites that could be living on your gut right now. Face parasites actually leave their own feces inside your colon which are very harmful and toxic to you’re over health and well being. Humans can contract face parasites through a variety of ways like travel, school activities, returned of armed forces men and women from overseas and both male and female sexual promiscuity. Also, letting pets lick your face is also a way to catch a face parasites infection but not a good idea at all.

WARNING: Face Parasites

Most people do not know they have face parasites, and even if they know they have face parasites, they may become secretive about it as to avoid discussing it or talk about it with others. The WHO or World Health Organization estimates close to 4 billion people all over the world that are currently suffering from a parasitic infection. The figure is not confined to the third world or developing countries only, close to 80% are coming from people living in affluent and developed countries.

The best thing to do if you suspect you may have what is called a parasite infestation or having face parasites is to research your symptoms and determine what type of parasite you might have. After all, with such a large percentage of the population possibly fighting this problem, it is worth the time and effort to answer the question on how to deal with face parasites and why is it making you feel so bad.