Chemtrials & Morgellons Symptoms

The Outrageous Revelation Regarding
Chemtrails & Morgellons


A investigation engaged in by a California Dr. called Dr. Hilgegarde Staininger reveals that chemtrails and morgellons are mysteriously linked. The morgellons illness was thought to be a disease with no doable solution at all but researchers found information and details indicating that this said disease is related to nano-machine within the type of nanofibers distributed through chemtrails.

The nano-fibers as well as fibers discovered on chemtrails and morgellons disease was studied through electron microscopy, stamina dispersive spectroscopy, Fourier convert infrared spectroscopy and Fourier completely transform Raman spectroscopy as well as the results were apalling. These types of skin fibers do not burn even when heated by simply fire; it requires 1700 degrees F.

It may also self-replicate and self-assemble in a type of array that seem to be similar to devices and is said to carry genetically-altered DNA/RNA. What’s far more horrifying is the fact these skin fibers do not have eukaryotic cells and no cell membrane. It is not organic and natural nor biological; it’s a unit.

Quite a few evidence also demonstrate that these types of nano lumerous skin fibers create on alkaline ph conditions and consist of small devices that possess their own internal batteries and use the body’s bio-electric strength and mineral deposits for ability. Most of these nano machines are also competent at obtaining distinct tuned microwave, EMF and ELF impulses and radio information.

As to what the victims for this disease transported as a result of the chemtrails and morgellons is suffering, people would actually believe that these types of outcomes aren’t true. Who does know? The victims agonize in discomfort as a result of formication, lesions on the skin, mental and neurological effects, intellectual troubles, conduct negative effects, severe malaise and long-term tiredness. But these kind of symptoms they’re experiencing is as a result of the nano devices. They don’t only dwell on the fibers but are commonly discovered in all body fluids and orifices which is claimed to penetrate the whole body system.

With these kind of findings, a question remains and needs to get unfold.

Were these nano machines a direct result mishap or was it intentionally released to infect individuals for several reason? It appears as if a lot of these nano equipment had been used as a bearer of group intelligence that would enable those that are infected with the disease the capacity to communicate with each other, making them a single-brain cell that is in some manner controlled by just a larger, synthetic intelligence. It is as if the sufferers are having a method of shifting itself into a totally new creature. A cyborg perhaps; a specie of with the machine and biological attributes.

Chemtrails and morgellons are, by fair judgement, mysteriously linked. For years, chemtrails were only regarded as as trace left by planes but now that it truly is believed as the means of spreading the morgellons disease, the quite thought of it remains a hoax. Are we becoming invaded? Are we becoming controled by just a particular authority for the purpose of human control? For reasons unknown there is certainly, this phenomena really should come to an end.