Morgellons Skin Disease

Myths and Stories Relating to
Morgellons Skin Disease 2011

There have been many different sides of the story on how Morgellons Skin Disease came to exist. From unknown parasitic infestation to high-end and super intelligent nano machine invasion, scientists and researchers are still baffled with the true history and nature of this morgellons skin disease.

Morgellons skin disease: Parasitic Nature

As much as most patients insist to believe, Morgellons skin disease have many varying symptoms that do relate to parasitic infections such as Lyme’s Disease, Scabies and much more. Skin lesions and rashes occur more intensely as patients could not control their urge to scratch their skin which tends to get more itchy and aggravated over time. This condition is quite the most common of the Morgellons skin disease symptoms and is quite different in every patient or is in a case-to-case basis, thus, treatment may also be done depending on the intensity of each case.

In another perspective, there are also many cases wherein patients are diagnosed with Delusional Parasitosis when they actually have Morgellons skin disease. Due to lack of evidence, the patients’ claim of having insects and bugs crawling on and under their skin. Doctors insist that the problem is mainly psychological; hence they are referred to as delusional. At this situation, patients are usually given psychological treatments and treatment for a Morgellons skin disease is never even considered.

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Morgellons Skin Disease: Non-biological Nano-machine Invasion

Recent studies in the search of the true nature of Morgellons skin disease have involved nano-technology and highly sophisticated nano-machines invading all systems of the human body. These, along with many other over the edge theories of alien invasion and war related mind-control of the humankind plan is still up to now a topic of hot discussion.

As some scientists claim, evidences of the superficial invasion of highly-intelligent nano-bots in forms of nano-fibers have been seen in some parts of the world and in the US. It is believed that Morgellons skin disease have spread and thrived thru chemtrails, aerial spraying and other bio-engineered products containing genetically-altered DNA or RNA that would infest the human body system.

Treatment and Control – Morgellons skin disease

Even with the many leads being considered as possible causes of Morgellons skin disease, no proven treatment or medication is still decided by the medical professionals. Until now, there is no sure fact that would pinpoint how and why this disease exists.

This may not totally cure and end their suffering, but at least some pain and Morgellons skin disease symptoms will be put into immediate attention and taken care of. For patients suffering from Morgellons skin disease, they are advised to take treatments for the specific symptoms that they have encountered such as treating their lesions with antibiotics or colon cleanses.

Morgellons skin disease – Fungus

There has been some connection between Morgellons skin disease and fungus; therefore many morgellons suffers find relief by keeping their homes free of potted plants, cleaning their home with hospital disinfectants regularly and also washing their clothes in concentrated disinfectants.

Apply topical creams and gels that heal the skin and also treat for fungus is also important and many find relief with this type of remedy.  Many also find that exfoliating their skin also helps when treating themselves for Morgellons skin disease.

Best Cure for Morgellons Skin
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