Morgellons soreUnderstanding what Morgellons Disease really is has somewhat been a mystery;  Morgellons OR Skin Parasites has been poorly understood and acknowledged.  Symptoms vary from person to person and the medical community have been slow to recognize Morgellons disease.  Finally in 2008, the CDC announced that they would begin an investigation which would attempt to establish a cause for Morgellons.

The name Morgellons, comes from a condition where black hairs emerge from the skin of children which was documented as far back as in the 1600’s.    The name Morgellons was intended to be used as a short term label for the disease; however this name has stuck and Morgellons still is not diagnosed.

People who have Morgellons symptoms suffer tremendously.  Most report that they feel abandoned by the medical profession and they experience bizarre, disfiguring and painful symptoms.   A large number of people who suffer with Morgellons Disease experience financial devastation while most have no medical insurance because they can no longer work.  It is not uncommon who suffer with Morgellons disease to report feeling frightened and hopeless.

Morgellons symptoms:

People who suffer from Morgellons report various symptoms including biting, crawling an stinging sensations; they see granules, threads or black speck-like material on and beneath the skin.  Skin lesions (rashes and sores) are very common and many report fatigue, short term memory loss, mental confusion, joint pains and vision loss.

Although skin symptoms are not the only symptoms when it comes to Morgellons, the skin lesions are of particular interest to most people.  These skin lesions are also a clue that something is wrong within the body.    Remarkably, not everyone has lesions or even the same symptoms.  For some, they have symptoms that are totally unrelated to the skin such as Chronic Fatique Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, problems with concentration and joint pains.

Only 13,000 families are reported as having Morgellons symptoms; however it is believed that the number is much higher.  Based on reports from parents, children are no longer able to play sports or attend school due to the debilitating affects of the illness.  Adults are equally affectd by this illness and many eventually are not able to work.

Since the CDC has gotten involved in 2008, some physicians are attempting to treat patients with Morgellons.  They don’t understand the cause; therefore it’s a hit or miss situation.  Since Morgellons can not be found in medical textbooks, most physicians dismiss the symptoms as psychosomatic and diagnose their patient with “delusional parasitosis”.

Delusional parasitosis is considered a mental condition where people imagine that they are infested with parasites and they are obsessed with picking at their skin.

Here are some pictures of Morgellons Disease




Image sequence 1 of Morgellons patient. Note the ink outline


Image sequence 2 of Morgellons patient. Closer view of outline area.


Image sequence 3 of Morgellons patient. Zooming in on outline area.


Image sequence 4 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 2x.


Image sequence 5 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 4x.


Image sequence 6 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 10x – note ink line at right.


Image sequence 7 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 60x – note ink line still present.


Image sequence 8 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 60x.


Image sequence 9 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 60x – note hair in foreground.


Image sequence 10 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 80x.


Image sequence 11 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 200x.


Lip of 3-year-old male at 10x showing fibers embedded in skin.


Fibers removed from same lip lesions shown at 60x.


Image showing autofluorescence of fibers from child’s lip skin lesion.


Heel of 3-year-old male at 10x showing lesions with associated fibers.


Same heel lesions on 3-year-old male showing fibers at 60x.


Same heel lesions on 3-year-old male showing fibers at 60x.


So, don’t take Morgellons for granted!