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What Does Scabies Look Like

What Does Scabies Look Like

Learn to identify the symptoms and telltale marks of a scabies infestation in order to accurately identify this itchy condition.  Scabies is something you should not leave untreated; it will only get worse!

Scabies also known as the itch is a skin condition that affects millions of people all over the world every year. This condition is also highly contagious. Identifying and treating this condition is made easier when you are aware of certain things about it.

The first thing to know is what scabies is. Scabies is simply a skin condition which is contagious and is caused by Sarcoptes scabiei which is a mite. When the mite lands on the skin it will burrow into and under the epidermis causing severe itching. This is a common condition and 300 million people are affected yearly. Cases of humans having this condition go as far back as 2500 years ago.

As this is a very contagious condition it is good to be aware of how it is transmitted. The thing that is really being transmitted is the mite itself. It is possible for a mite to live for 24 – 36 hours in a single host’s body. The only way that it can be transmitted to another person is through direct skin contact. This is because the mite cannot jump or fly. Of course not all types of social interaction will be long enough for the mite to transfer between people. One form of contact that is long enough is sexual contact. This fact is the reason why so many people believe that this condition is just another type of sexually transmitted disease.

Many people wonder whether or not it is possible to get the mite that causes this problem from a pet like a dog or cat. While animals do get a form of this condition it is not possible for a human to get it from an animal’s mite. The reason is that an animal’s mite cannot survive on a human host. These mites will cause the person to suffer from some mild itching but it will go away in time. This is very unlike human cases where the itching will only become worse.

Knowing how the condition is contracted is fine but knowing the symptoms as well is a must. This condition will present itself as a rash that consists of small red bumps and sometimes will have blisters. Some of the bumps may have blood crusts in them. The rash will appear on certain body parts only. It should be kept in mind that not every bump in the rash will be a mite.

You should be aware that this condition is often misdiagnosed in its early stages. The reason for this is that the rash and bumps will look like a bunch of pimples of some small mosquito bites. However after a few weeks the symptoms will continue to worsen and the misdiagnosis will be fixed.

Treatment of this condition is actually really easy once it has been successfully diagnosed. Mite killers are creams that will be applied to the entire body from the neck down and left on overnight. These creams are very effective but will need to be reapplied every night for about a week. You should be aware that no matter what treatment is used it will take a few days to start working.

A small mite is the cause of the skin condition scabies. Knowing the means the mites are transferred and the means you can use to treat the condition is good.

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Other Commonly Reported Morgellons Symptoms and Signs


morgellons disease1. Change in visual acuity.

2. Numerous neurological findings. A variety of neurological symptoms have been reported. Some mogellons patients with morgellons symptoms have been diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Multiple Sclerosis, and other well-known and recognized disorders, while others display significant symptoms not falling into any well-defined neurological category.

3. Gastrointestinal symptoms, which may include dyspepsia, gastroesophageal reflux, and/or changes in bowel habits often similar to Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

4. Neuropsychiatric symptoms and signs, ranging from mood or personality changes to diagnosed disorders including Attention Deficit Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and occasionally frank psychosis. Temporal relationship to skin lesion onset is not known

5. Acute changes in skin texture and pigment. The skin is variously thickened and thinned, with an irregular texture and irregular hyperpigmentation pattern. The changes resemble age associated sun-exposure skin damage, but typically appear acutely

6. Skin examination often reveals excoriated and/or crusted lesions which, on examination with lighted magnification, are seen to have inclusions of variously colored (white, blue, black, or red) fibers. Skin examination may also reveal multiple hyper-pigmented macules, and an increase of what appears to be villous hair on arms and face.

7. Arthralgias are reported by many patients.

8. Associated diagnoses which have been commonly reported in this patient population include Borreliosis (better known as Lyme Disease), Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

All Stop Skin Parasite Supersized Super Pack for Fighting Morgellons

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Fight Morgellons Symptoms

Our non-toxic and penetrating Healing & Protection Spray attacks the bacteria, viruses and fungi where they originate, in the deeper skin layers while providing itch relief!

-Other Commonly Reported Morgellons Symptoms and Signs-

More Important Facts

  • Face mites love oily skin and dead skin cells, since they eat both substances.
  • Allicin and Ajoene, are the components in Garlic that kill parasites including the one-cell varaties as well as pinworms and hookworms.
  • One of the signature symptoms for Morgellons disease is due to the presentation of various colored fibers either on or within the skin tissue.
  • Floodwater may carry silt, raw sewage, oil or chemical wastes that can cause a whole range of bacterial, viral and/or parasitic diseases.
  • Parasitic diseases such as giardiasis and cryptosporidiosis acquired from food and water are also a major cause of chronic diarrhea acquired by US travelers to foreign countries.
  • In common with many parasitic diseases, coral reef disease is fatal if left unchecked.
  • All through a parasitic infection, a variety of abdominal problems prevail in distressing regularity.

Want to Know More?

From the Socialscape

  • High fiber, low carbohydrate diet lowers inflammatory disease risk:
  • Increased fiber consumption helps reduce the odds of heart disease, cancer, & weight loss.


  • by @carinopump7

Morgellon Sufferers, Try All Stop for Morgellons Fibers

Try All Stop for Morgellons Fiber
The Inevitable Genocide to Man’s Health

Medical practitioners still can’t figure out the absolute antidote to Morgellons Disease and is using an alternative way to gather results and ,if possible, to discover the promising cure; the Morgellons Fiber.

All Stop has developed many products to relieve the symptoms of morgellons fibers and to heal the skin for the skin parasites.  Based on my information, the products have been tested thoroughly by morgellons sufferers.

Given the complication and wide variety of varied indicators revealed by people who experience this inexplicable skin ailment, CDC is undertaking a measured and thorough scientific investigation which provides the top chance of finding beneficial the answers. CDC is executing this research along with Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California Division of Analysis. The analysis was created and is being led by CDC. The leading goals of the investigation are to learn a lot more related to who may be affected with this condition, the indicators they’re having, and what elements may contribute to the condition. The research entails: Determining the clinical and epidemiologic functions of this condition; examining skin biopsies from affected patients; characterizing foreign material including fibers or threads obtained from persons with the condition; and estimating rates of illness among the analysis population.

There is no cure for morgellons as of now and that’s why Allstop has been proactive finding products and home remedies that will relieve the symptoms and stop the activity under the skin.  There are a number of disinfectants on the market that remove fungal properties from your home, but one misconception is that lysol kills fungus.  This is not true; it kills bacteria.  Use a concentrated hospital grade disinfectant to wash your clothes and clean your environment.

human parasite treatmentThe Morgellons disease is an unexplained dermopathy and is still unknown to some. Dermatologists don’t even recognize it as a disease. Some doctors even dismissed their study with regards this case and just say it’s all in the patients head. Usually, people suffering from this  appalling illness experience symptoms like skin lesions, formication, fatigue, cognitive difficulties, behavioral effects and fibers seen underneath the skin. Patients struggle with lesions that lead to open wounds which, at most cases, heals very slow. They also suffer from short term memory loss, unexpected optical alteration and muscle fatigue.

The Morgellons Fiber or “fiber” is commonly bright aqua autofluorescent with red and black non fluorescent fiber. Each Morgelons Fiber has different sizes and width depending on the color of the filament. Most black fibers range from 20 to 30 microns wide; red fibers range from 13 to 40 microns wide; and clear fibers range from 13 to 23 microns wide. It is the accumulated thread-like filament found underneath the skin which, when associated with granules and crystals (usually red,black and blue in color) cause formication – the uneasy, strange and itchy feeling where the suffering person feels like there are insects crawling and  biting  above and underneath the skin. Since majority of the medical community have already dismissed their study with the Morgellons disease, many claim that this crawling sensation felt is all in the patient’s head.

These fibers does not only lead to formication but may also cause lesions to swell and bleed. The said fiber contain bacteria which is of the same causative agent of the sexually transmitted disease. The said disease can be transmitted through direct contact with the Morgellons fiber especially those that were left on bed sheets and clothes. The bacteria can also penetrate from open wounds or even rashes.

Though these fibers are somehow considered as the “bridge” for medical practitioners to study and search for solutions and cure, the possibility is still uncertain. Morgellons Fiber gathered from patients on a certain vicinity are epidemiologically the same. Researshers are still working on determining the causative agent of the disease. Though medicines have been implemented to , at least, alleviate the victim’s suffering, it still is not enough. As of now, no matter how hard it would be, those who suffer from the Morgellons disease should just cling to the likelihood of their being cured.


Morgellon Sufferers, Try All Stop! They have proven to help many people

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