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Morgellons Disease Research

Morgellons Disease Research

morgellons diseaseAt this time, the cause of Morgellons is unknown and there is no cure. The CDC began the collaborative study to determine whether Morgellons is a legitimate illness or patient imagination.  Both Kaiser and the CDC will gather information about the illness, including common symptoms, possible causes, and risk factors and will look only at Morgellons patients in northern California, the state with the highest number of self-reported cases.

Morgellons Disease is a mysterious diesease

Morgellons Disease, a mysterious disease marked by strange skin eruptions, if finally getting attention from researchers.  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) is paying California-based Kaiser Permanente $338,000 to test and interview patients suffering from Morgellons, a bizarre and recently emerging skin disorder. Biochemist Vitaly Citovsky of Stony Brook University has been studying Morgellons for a year.  A range of symptoms, including non-healing skin eruptions, characterizes the disorder, called Morgellons by some and fiber disease by others. Many people who are affected have bizarre, inconceivable symptoms.”  Citovsky said doctors have no idea whether to categorize it as a disease with a specific cause, a syndrome with several components, or an emotional problem. Morgellons Patients report stringy, fibrous, and seed-like granules and/or black speck-like material emerging from lesions.  Lesions range from minor to disfiguring and may not heal.  “It’s not recognized officially as a medical condition,” Citovsky said Monday. “Our dermatology department does not recognize it. Morgellons Patients also report odd skin sensations, such as stinging, crawling, and biting; some cite joint pain, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia; others cite problems with concentration and memory, including changes in cognition, memory loss, mood disturbance, and neurological manifestations.  A few report live worms or fibrous material bursting through their skin. “They’re made up of polysaccharides, sugars; long chains of sugar molecules.  The problem is the people who deny the existence of the Morgellons disease.  They say this is lint or dirt that people find on their skin, but it’s not dirt, it’s not lint, it’s not twigs.  But on the other hand, it is not a living creature.”

More About Morgellons Disease

Morgellons is a poorly understood condition a growing number of physicians believes to be a chronic infectious disease, but which is not yet fully recognized by the medical community.  “Many consider Morgellons a psychiatric problem,” Citovsky said. “However, there might be something that they develop,” he added, whose laboratory analyses discovered the chemical make-up of the fibers. Stricker sent samples of the material to Citovsky’s lab because he thought the Stony Brook biochemist could produce answers.  Citovsky received a small grant from Morgellons Research Foundation and said the CDC rebuffed him when he offered to share his research, hoping to join the effort.  “I said, ‘We’re doing a little work on this, and do you want to know what we’re doing?’

They said no.” Citovsky received samples of the fibrous material last year from San Francisco physician Raphael Stricker.  Stricker wrote the first paper on Morgellons, along with biologist Mary Leitao, whose son suffered from the disorder and who named the disorder after she found a medical history book reference on a 17th century Morgellons disease in which fibrous material emerged from people’s skin.  She now runs a Morgellons foundation in Pennsylvania. disclaimer about Morgellons: This article: Morgellons Disease Research Gaining Momentum was posted on Wednesday, January 30th, 2008 at 7:10 am at and is filed under Health Concerns, Legal News.
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Informational Facts about Morgellons

  • By created a complete feedback system based on real customers Q-Based hopes to improve morgellons cure treatments as often as needed to win the fight against skin parasites and fiber disease.
  • A morgellons cure to date is not yet found; however there are several under skin parasite remedies to relieve the symptoms of morgellons disease or symptoms from Skin Parasites and to destroy Morgellons itch.
  • And humans aren’t the only ones to be troubled by skin parasites—pets, including cats and dogs, can suffer from them as well, and there are simple natural cures for skin parasites that are appropriate for them, too.
  • There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding this scratchy epidermis parasites disorder, but we can be sure of 1 thing: Morgellons is more than just invisible itchy pores and skin parasites.
  • Usually found outdoors, keep your cat inside and treat it with a topical flea treatment that can also kill ticks, lice or mites to prevent it from becoming infested with these skin parasites.

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What Is Morgellons Cure?

morgellonsAny Idea About Morgellons Cure?

Do you know the morgellons cure? Morgellons is known as a systemic disease that’s not even gained widespread acknowledgement within the medical community, however morgellons actually is present just like AID/HIV was there 3 decades ago prior to Medical science highly regarded it. It’s similar to scabies, which is a contagious skin disease by which parasites dig beneath the skin and lay eggs. These parasites belong to the arachnid family. Symptoms vary from one patient to another. Other people, such as skin lesions along with a “crawling sensation” inside the skin are constant. Parts of the body in which the illness seems to be most severe are on the hands, behind the knees and arms, on the chest and back. Other typical physical signs and symptoms are rashes and pain that’s similar to fibromyalgia. Severe depression usually resulting in suicide is all too widespread.

Morgellons Disease, Living in a Controlled Environment

If you suffer from skin parasites or skin bugs, you probably have already realized that living in a fungal free environment is the best for reducing parasite activity under your skin.  Keeping your home or the area you dwell in free from plants and fungus is key.

You should select a hospital grade disinfectant, one that is concentrated is the cheapest for cost purposes, and wipe down the areas around you daily.  You’ll begin to notice a decline of activity almost immediately.

morgellonsMorgellons Disease Symptoms

When seeking medical help, Morgellons patients are often detected having Delusions of Parasitosis (DOP). Presently, there’s no recognized test for Morgellons disease so individuals are always told “it is all on your head” and are prescribed physo-tropic drugs and sometimes prescription medication. Neither provide any kind of alleviation at all from all of these unpleasant signs and symptoms. The patient’s family members usually believe the doctor and withdraw their guidance. Morgellons sufferers begin to feel weak and continue their descent in to major depression.

Several individuals have described trouble focusing although consistently encounter exhaustion. When affected regions are viewed under a microscope, several Morgellons sufferers have clusters of multi-colored fibers under the unbroken skin. These fibers could or might not be noticeable with the human eye alone. The fibers are already tested in a number of labs. They will not burn until they reach 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit and are coated in certain sort of high-density polyurethane. The latest analysis has found microscopic parasites in some patients. This parasite is known to feed on algae, germs and decaying organic materials. They thrive in wet or damp environment.

Morgellons Research Foundation has recognized 93 signs and symptoms typical to Morgellons sufferers

Unfortunately, there is no meaningful analysis being conducted considering that the Morgellons population, even though growing every day is still statistically insignificant. The Morgellons Research Foundation located at Oklahoma State University, has recognized 93 signs and symptoms typical to Morgellons sufferers.The results are inconclusive as to what trigger of Morgellons Illness. The Centers for Illness Control describes it as an unexplained dermopathy and they are presently performing a study at Kaiser Hospital in Oakland, California. Many dermatologists and psychiatrists think about this a psychological disorder, instead of a physical disease. Medical doctors generally treat the condition by prescribing antibiotics, antifungals or herbal supplements. These strategies are regarded as treatments instead of morgellons cure, as the symptoms return when stopped. Colloidal silver continues to be marketed as an alternate medicine for this condition at the same time as several others, from fibromyalgia to E. coli. From a medical standpoint, there is certainly no confirmed effectiveness for this remedy. Until now, that is.
-What Is Morgellons Cure?

Fiber Diseases – Public Awareness

About fiber disease

Fiber Disease -<b> fiber disease</b>s” /></a>Our ecosystem has been forever changed and it has affected all of us in ways most people are not yet aware of.  What evolved carefully and purposefully in nature over billions of years was swept away when the natural DNA barriers between organisms and species were destroyed with genetic engineering. Transgenics is a methodology used to “create” animals or plants. We will forever be changed as a result of this travesty.</p>
<p style=Warnings from scholars went unheeded. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned the executive administration that this science (genetic engineering) should be taken under further study and the “precautionary principle” of science should be followed. However, the under educated executive administration was able to force the FDA to change their position and policy statement which then allowed the corporate interests to proceed with this engineering of nature. Our health and our ecosystem has been forever impacted by this bought and paid for decision and the genetically modified seeds, plants, and organisms are now part of our daily lives.

More About fiber diseases

Our government did not intentionally destroy what mother nature carefully designed but unintentionally, due to allowing corporate interests to have their way, has failed us in a horrible, horrible manner. There has been a failing on the part of those entrusted to protect our health and biosphere of such magnitude that it may not be able to withstand the violations inflicted upon it (and us). What has occurred may be irreversible. The barriers nature provided to restrict cross species of virus, fungus, bacteria, plants and animals (humans) have been broken and new genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are developing.  The pathologists have no way of knowing what these are because they are so different than anything previously studied and documented.  Presently, no help is available in the conventional medical system for people getting ill as a result of this travesty.

Illnesses are present in all species related to these mutations.  Yet there exists a denial, perhaps even a cover-up, on the part of those who should be doing everything possible to warn and protect society.  The great majority of physicians have no idea what this involves and rather than documenting what they are seeing they instead are “blaming the victim” and labeling them as “delusional”.  The Center For Disease Control (CDC) is calling “it” unexplained dermopathy and has presently not released results of a study they performed.  I suspect there is a bit of “Oh my God, what are we going to do now” apprehension being shared by those who should have been protecting our health.  This is certainly not just a dermatology issue, this is a serious internal condition that eventually involves the skin, but initially there is no skin involvement.  People are getting ill and have no idea what is causing it.

One of the first illnesses that has been linked to GMOs is being referred to as “Morgellons” but I prefer to call it a syndrome of fiber diseases. People have various forms of these fiber diseases but they manifest various symptoms such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and many people with “Morgellons” are co-infected with Lyme disease.  Long term (chronic) sufferers such as me develop sores that are very slow to heal.  There are fibers that come from out of the skin, these fibers have been studied have never been found in nature.  They are considered to be man-made and of a poly – silicone type substances.  There are many unknowns about the fiber formations but one thing is certain, they are real (unbelievable as that may seem), they destroy health and lives. The fibers form from nearly all bodily tissues.

Over the years as I have tried to come to some understanding of this horrid condition I have interviewed people, studied everything I could find and documented my findings.  I reveal my very personal information in a free e-book so that others may become aware of this horrible situation.  The very worst time for me was when I had absolutely no idea what was happening to my health.  The information I present is a true horror story written as a public awareness e-book.  The protectors of our health should be doing this but they are failing us and so I am putting myself in the public eye because the people need to know what has/is happening.  You may download the e-book from my website.

2001 obtained her naturopath and doctorate of natural health sciences degrees from Clayton College of Natural Health, Birmingham, Alabama.  Also studied previously in animal health sciences at U WI.  Now works exclusively on the causes and hopeful cures of fiber diseases such as Morgellons, working to bring public awareness to these conditions.
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Fiber Diseases Treatment

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All About fiber diseases.

More Important Facts

  • Some skin parasite or skin bug symptoms are reported to be debilitating with Fiber Disease.
  • Both ginger and garlic have natural properties that effectively kill parasites in the colon.
  • Many people who say they have Morgellons describe a feeling like insects are burrowing underneath their skin.
  • One of the signature symptoms for Morgellons disease is due to the presentation of various colored fibers either on or within the skin tissue.
  • The more scientific name of this mite is called Demodex folliculorum.
  • While malaria had been treated successfully at one time, the Morgellons Fiber Disease isn’t even acknowledge to exist.
  • Half the world’s population suffers from parasitic diseases that lead to illness, disability, and death.
  • Machine washing new clothing does NOT kill parasites on infested garments.
  • Barberry, an herb, finds use as an effective home remedy for parasite removal.

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