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Environmental Care and Cleaning for Morgellons

Environmental Care and Cleaning
for Morgellons:

1. Avoid bleach and ammonia, as they are not effective.
2. Stop all use of conventional commercial pesticides, fragrance oils, mineral oils, and petroleum products.
3. Clean rugs with borax or the Puracleen Disinfectants which primarily focus on your fungal issues.
4. Wash clothing in non surfactant/non ionic organic cleaners with no fragrance oils:
• Combination of borax, baking soda, and salt OR Puracleen Xtreme Cleen.
• Arm and Hammer Botanicals in the green bottle
5. Use 7th generation cleaning products.

6. Use baking soda to clean all vegetables and fruits.7. Use 1 cup of apple cider vinegar down the drains once every 2 weeks to create an alkaline environment so organisms can’t grow there.
8. Wash windows with soda water or vinegar and newspapers.
9. Animals can be carriers and also get sick. Health Food Stores carry Enzymatic Cleaners for Animals that are Chemical Free, also
recommend Dinovite® Original Canine
10. Use combination essential oils Environmental Spray below as an organic pesticide.
• Recipe: Mix 1oz geranium: 1oz peppermint: 1oz black pepper oil: 1oz cedar wood oil: 1oz rosewood: 1oz citronella
essential oil
• Mix with 2 Gallons of Water and ½ Cup of Borax
• Put in spray bottle and mist home environment and animals.
• This works great as an insect repellant in small spray bottles.
11. Use a hair dryer to kill mites in environments with heat.
12. Use a Shred Ender to remove debris from scalp.
13. Boil clothes to kill organisms.
14. Puracleen Xtreme Cleen directed for use as spray in the laundry and environment.  See discounts on the website