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CHEMTRAILS & Morgellons Symptoms

CHEMTRAILS  & morgellons Symptoms

Below is a little information about what these chemtrails are causing. .  I will give you information and you be the judge on what you think.

I recommend that you examine a dozen or so swabs or Q-tips or cosmetic cotton balls.
Concentrate on watching the filaments that are sticking out randomly from the rest of the wound cotton. Give each one a minute or two of examination. See anything that appears to be acting in a rather “uncommon” cotton fibers manner?

Place the cotton beneath a jar if air movements are a problem.

Not all cotton appears to be infected, but much of it is. Of the last 5 boxes of Q-tips I bought and examined, 4 of them were full of these skin parasites.

On some of the individual swabs you may see s 3 or 4 skin bugs or skin parasites.
[there has been some thought as to the generic engineering of plants – noting specifically cotton plants.

These skin bugs can swim in petrol but they seem to have a violent and negative reaction to high salt concentrations. Sweat is a constant source of activation for the skin bug or skin parasite organism. Any physical activity will usually bring many to the surface of the skin. It also apparently stimulates production of the hard black “pepper like” pods.

They are also not fond of ammonia. It not only kills skin bugs, but prior to being terminated, it tends to irritate them to no end.

One final note. The initial sign of infection is usually a rash that itches intensely. This rash will bleed at once when scratched. It can last from a few days to a few weeks. Nothing will seem to remedy it. It is often mistaken for scabies or poison oak. No known medicine will soothe it. It will then suddenly disappear as quickly as it appeared. Upon occasion the rash may return briefly for a period usually shorter than the initial rash. This can happen any time within a year of the first outbreak.

Following the rash, a period of incubation occurs in the body of the host. This can take anywhere from 3 months to up to 3 years. Then, the worm emerges and the production of fibers begins. The worm lives on body fluids such as blood and spinal fluids. Chronic fatigue, open lesions and depression, and an impaired immune system leading to other complications, (in the same manner as AIDS works as a facilitator) are some of the higher visibility manifestations in this progressive state of the disease.

Need More Facts?

  • Barberry, an herb, finds use as an effective home remedy for parasite removal.
  • While most parasite removal treatments are safe, certain individuals may be sensitive to ingredients.
  • The medical community is baffled as to what the fiber disease condition is, how to treat it or even whether they should research fiber disease.
  • Any herb potent enough to kill parasites could potentially harm the person taking it.
  • Cloves naturally kill parasites, either by stunning them or flat out killing them, therefore making them easy to expel from the body.
  • Many of the sores patients attributed to Morgellons appeared to be the result of chronic scratching and picking at the skin without an underlying cause.
  • Wormwood has been used to kill parasites (especially roundworms), reduce mucus, promote bowel movement and urination, tone the stomach and digestion, and clear toxins from the blood, liver and gall bladder.
  • Foods that can help kill parasites include: cabbage, blackberries, sauerkraut, garlic, pomegranate, pomegranate juice, pineapple, papaya, figs, fig extract and carrot tops.
  • Fecal egg excretion does not become detectable until about two months after dermal acquisition of N. americanus infection and up to 38 weeks for A. duodenale Stool examinations are insensitive for detecting hookworm infections [27] and, in such patients, eosinophilia may be the only clue that the patient harbors a parasitic infection.

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